“Avoiding Capture”


Is it possible to love deeply and be embraced by intimacy’s arms without surrendering your values and truths? Can a committed long-term relationship have a new beginning every day? Is it indeed possible that all relationships can be fluid and move to the “next level” (whatever that is!) on a daily basis? In one word, YES! The book will empower you to have exceptional relationships and make your quality of life excellent. The secret to making this happen is waking up from the miasma of cultural romantic scripts that we believe and act out every day. Avoiding Capture moves you out of fear into a permanent space of love, respect, and acceptance.

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Product Description

About the Author:
An earned doctorate in the school of hard knocks (and a classic slow learner) David Oshman offers not only tales of his own outrageous journeys, but also some wisdom that was learned in the process. What makes his story especially unique are the confessed “detours” in life: dependence on drugs and alcohol and subsequent recovery over 33 years ago, one “failed” marriage and one “terminated” marriage. Oshman’s beautiful Thai wife, Keaw, and he characterize and maintain their relationship with a level of honesty, trust, and communication that he never thought possible. Oshman has served as his own “laboratory” for the principles and concepts presented in this book. And, they work!

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